About the project

The idea for the Scandinavian Ski Pass came about last autumn when I was planning a ski trip to the USA.

When I was going to buy a ski pass, I came across Epic and Ikon Pass, and I realized that their business model for ski passes is a few years ahead of Scandinavia. Vail launched his Epic pass 12 years ago, and Aspen later hung on to Ikon pass. The business model has been fantastically successful and the participating facilities have received a real boost. There is talk of a"game changer"for the American ski industry.

Now we are considering whether the business model is applicable in the Nordic region?

We have, like the United States, a ski oligopoly. Is it not time for us to challenge the monopoly? Buying a season pass that only applies to one facility does not feel like 2022 (compare with the music industry;) We therefore want to create a portal for customers to easily and smoothly buy ski passes to Scandinavian ski resorts. The hope is that we can attract new customer groups with a common lift pass, skiers who otherwise go to the Alps or to another Swedish resort.

We believe that there is a large target group who are interested in a complete Nordic ski pass, if it gives the freedom that a multi-ski pass offers. We plan to market the lift passes via social media, benefit portals (benify) and mainly attract students and ski clubs.
Nice greetings,
Ivo Langefors/Founder