About us

The idea for a Scandinavian multi-resort ski pass was born when we were planning a ski road trip in the USA. On the other side of the Atlantic, there are several opportunities to ski in several ski resorts with the same lift pass. Why wasn't that opportunity here in our mountain range; The scandals?

Our ambition is for more people to discover the many beautiful things ski facilities found in Scandinavia; with good drop height, plenty of powder and world-class pistes. The only thing missing from our ski facilities is queues and crowds.


This winter there is the opportunity to ski a lot at 16 different destinations throughout the season. With the same lift pass!


Ivo Langefors1971 / Founder & CEOVD
Ivo is a dedicated skier with a background in the hospitality industry, including as a guide and ski instructor. He lives with his family in Östersund and is passionate about getting more people to discover Scandinavia's fine ski areas beyond the big mass tourist destinations.
Jacob Kistner1991 / Sales & Technologyk

Jacob lives in Gothenburg and has worked his entire career creating brands and sales channels online. He is driven by being able to create experiences that stand out from the ordinary and make one feel safe with the service. It was Ivo who once taught Jacob to ride a bicycle.