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Scandinavian SkiPass

Scandinavian SkiPass gives you access to 12 beautiful ski resorts around the Skanderna mountain range, as well as 1 in the Alps. The lift pass includes free skiing at the Swedish ski resorts and 5 days of skiing at the Norwegian and Italian resorts.

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Scandinavian SkiPass

The ultimate season pass for skiing in Sweden and Norway, the pass gives you access to some of the mountain chain's most interesting and genuine ski resorts.

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Order the card here on the website and receive it within a few days. You then show the card at the respective ski resort to have it activated.

More Ski Resorts

Visit several of the fantastic ski resorts in the same season with one and the same season pass, and save money on your skiing.

Vår Vision

"A common season pass for several attractive ski resorts around Scandinavia."

- Ivo Langefors, Founder

About the Project

Benefit portals

Use your wellness allowance to buy a Scandinavian Skipass through the benefit portals for employees.

What do the skiers say?


"Everything has worked well. The facilities knew the card and had full control of the whole thing. For our part, it was a tour south at the beginning of the season with visits to Trillevallen, Bydalen and Borgafjäll. Then Björkliden followed two turns. Hope for a continuation next season ."

Björn Eriksson



"For us, it was one of the funnest winters in a long time, and we made it to Bydalen, Trillevallen, and Huså many times. In addition to that, I was at the border a lot and also a magical Easter in Stranda. Loading the card was very easy and we felt welcome everywhere. For me it will be a no-brainer to buy it again next year and I've brought many friends on that train when they realized how good it was. A long awaited card that delivered year one."

Thomas Fetterplace



"Scandinavian SkiPass was perhaps my best purchase ever. I managed to test all the resorts except Huså and the two Norwegian ones. If I hadn't broken my hand in Bydalen at Easter, I probably would have managed them too."

Magnus Ekman



"My experiences with Scandinavian Skipass have been really good! There was powder skiing in Riksgränsen and Björkliden, and we enjoyed nice weather and fresh snow at the same time. Riksgränsen really showed itself from its best side. We also got a lot of skiing in Trillevallen and even in Väsjöbacken with the younger ones. I also discovered Gruvbacken in Huså, which really was a little forest skiing gem. It was very easy to load the card, and received nothing but positive reactions at all the facilities. I can really recommend Scandinavian Skipass, two thumbs up."

Anders Eriksson



"Being able to choose between several alpine facilities and go where the snow and weather conditions for the day are the best, that's the best thing about the Scandinavian Ski Pass. The card applies to ski areas that are unknown to many but that offer great skiing and fine snow. Big plus the card is also valid in Riksgränsen, it gave a so far unprecedented end of the season in 2022. So hats off to the gang behind the card, a really good, flexible and affordable solution for everyone who is chasing the best ride for the day."

Sharre Blomqvist



”Unfortunately, I only had time to use the card at three ski resorts, but the treatment I have received has been good, and it has been easy to load for both single and multiple days. Once I had accidentally brought the wrong card with me to Bydalen, but when I showed the email communication and receipt for the purchase, I was allowed to load another one at no extra cost. Having the card has felt super luxurious and the only thing I had wished for was that it worked on Frösön as well. Will obviously be a card for the coming season as well.”

Fredrik Synderå



I think the card is great so far, very fun initiative to collect so many good places on one card and at such a good price too!

Anders Danielsson

Holding spirit


"Jag uppskattar verkligen att kunna åka till de lite mindre och mer personliga skidorterna som Scandinavian SkiPass erbjuder, och det är riktig lyx att kunna hoppa mellan anläggningarna."

Sara Gärdegård