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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us in the chat in the bottom left corner.

A season pass that gives you access to 12 selected ski resorts in Sweden and Norway, as well as 1 in the southern Alps. At Norska Stranda and Solheisen, the card is valid for 5 days of riding, as well as 5 days at Italian Limone Piemonte. Free access to other facilities.

Scandinavian SkiPass can only be purchased online, or via your wellness portal (Epassi or Benify). After your order, we will send you the lift pass with your name printed on it. The card is not loaded, but when visiting one of our ski facilities, you go to the ticket booth, identify yourself and show your Scandinavian SkiPass. The ski resort activates your card so you can use it immediately. It is the same procedure for each new ski resort you visit.r.

We have a nice mix of smaller and medium-sized ski facilities. Some of the ski facilities are considered Scandinavia's best off-piste resorts, others are more family oriented.
Feel free to check out the sectionski resorts to see exactly which facilities are included in the offer.

You can leave onemessage here on the site or chat directly with customer service in the bottom left corner to get help as quickly as possible.

The ski pass costs only SEK 5,495 for adults (SEK 3,895 for young people and pensioners) and gives you unlimited access to the Swedish facilities throughout the season. In Limone, Solheisen and Stranda, 5 days of skiing are included, respectively. facility.

It usually takes a few days for us to send home the card you use at the ski resorts, so it's good if you plan your ski season. However, should you need access to a facility earlier than that, you can contact us at the support at the bottom left corner, and we will look into a solution.

The idea for Scandinavian SkiPass came to us in the summer of 2020 and the 22/23 season will be the second year running. You can read moreabout us here.

Obvious! Employers may give employees up to SEK 5,000/year in wellness allowance. Check with your employer. Read morehere about how to apply for a health care allowance for your lift card.

ATTENTION! Scandinavian SkiPass is available in the major wellness portals. If your employer is connected toBenify orEpassi then you order the card there (with a discount!) The cost is then deducted from your health care allowance and any salary. It is not possible to register a receipt for products that are already with Benify and Epassi.

The ski facilities included in the collaboration have no parking fees, with the exception of Stranda.

Generally speaking: no. At some facilities, however, the cross-country trails are included for those with a valid lift card. Check with or facility as applicable.

To rent a car before the trip, we recommend that you turn to one of the larger rental car companies, such asHertz orNewspaper. You can conveniently buy flight tickets online through booking sites such, and you book hotels most easily through eitherBooking You can also book hotels directly here on our site, by going to the page for eachski resort.

We offer the most skiing for the money!Order card today.