Wellness allowance

Skiing is finally approved as a tax-free fitness benefit. Being out and breathing fresh air while training both fitness and strength, makes skiing a fantastic way to use your fitness allowance.

How do I use the fitness allowance?

To be able to use the fitness allowance when you buy our ski card, you need a receipt that shows that you used the Ski Pass, which you then show to your employer. Therefore, it is important to only make one purchase per receipt if there are more of you in the family who will use the fitness allowance. When you make your purchase, your Ski Pass is registered together with your name directly on the confirmation/invoice, which you can then print out and use as a basis when you apply for the grant.

Scandinavian SkiPass is available in Benify's and Actiway's fitness portals. Check with your employer if you use any of these portals and then buy the card directly in the portal (against wellness allowance + possible salary deduction).
If you are self-employed, you can deduct the cost of lift passes by up to SEK 5,000/year for wellness. See more at Skatteverket.se

Log in to your account to see your invoice or check your Email after the order confirmation you receive with the purchase.