Limone Piemonte - Riserva Bianca

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In contrast to the mountains, this winter we can offer 5 days of skiing in the pearl of the southern Alps.Limone Piemonte is located right on the border with France and the French Riviera.Limone is said to be Italy's most beautiful alpine village.The ski area is both sun and snow safe. As the Italians prefer to sit on one of the 10 or so outdoor cafes that are in the ski system, we Scandinavians can take the opportunity to ride untouched powder on the large open areas. In the Limonetto part of the system there is good forest skiing.
Ski Touring / Topptur : Tours up to the medieval fortresses at about 2000m altitude are popular and easily accessible. In the area there are also peaks up to 3000m for those seeking greater challenges.
Get here : Easiest to fly to Nice where it is about 100 km by rental car or train (change in Tende or Ventimiglia).

Address :Via Roma, 7C, 12015 Limone Piemonte CN, Italy